Sunday, February 17, 2008


Friday night, I went to Vita, which has replaced Verde at Erwin Square. Vita is still a Bakatsias creation and it's still just as trendy, with oodles of martinis from which to choose. In addition to redecorating, they now have a menu consisting entirely of salads, pizza and pasta dishes.

I ordered a smoked salmon pizza with cream cheese, fresh tomatoes, onions, capers and shredded apples. It was oval shaped, enormous (at least 12" in diameter) and very good. They have a collection of spices and parmesan that can be added afterwards. They charged me $9, but from looking at the menu, that may have been the lunch menu price. Even so, the $12 that they list on their on-line dinner menu would certainly have been very reasonable. I had plenty to eat, gave away three slices to other people and still had enough to take home for another meal.


  1. Sometimes I suspect you eat better than anyone! Good for you.

    Thanks for the report on Vita.

    Though your mention of GB makes me miss Grasshopper all the more.

  2. I liked Grasshopper, but I like Blu better, so I don't miss it too much.

    Hmm... I want some oysters. :)

  3. Everybody wants to eat what somebody else is having... Damn you, Barry and Claire :-)

    I liked Grasshopper more than Blu, so I feel more of a loss. But no big deal. I'm glad Blu is here. Erm, "there".

  4. What a combination -- salmon on pizza. Sounds fabulous. Even better that they gave it to you for the lunch price!