Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bennett Pointe Grill

I was going to have a quiet evening at home with a Trader Joe's frozen dinner and a good book. Instead, at the very last moment, I decided to join in on the Durham FM Association pre-board meeting festivities at the Bennett Pointe Grill & Bar.

Bennett Pointe Grill is a restaurant that serves consistently good American food. They have a large non-smoking dining area and a smoking section, which has a full bar. They also have a private dining room that holds up to 40 people. The service is almost always good and was excellent tonight.

Over the years, I've ordered quite a variety of things from the menu, including good wings and salads, but the salad I come back to again and again is their fried oyster caesar salad. For $10.95, you get a nice pile of oysters and a heck of a lot of shredded parmesan. They could use Kraft parmesan cheese-like substance instead, but I won't hold it against them.

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  1. A "fried oyster caesar salad"? OMG. I had no idea such a thing even existed. Thank you for blogging about it. It's on my very soon to-do list. *drool*