Saturday, February 16, 2008

Little Potato

As I'm sure many of my readers know, our local public radio station, WUNC, has just concluded a week-long fund raising drive. One of the incentive packages they've been advertising included two CDs from Back Porch Music and each time they played an excerpt from a song with the lyrics, "You're my little potato. You're my little potato." To me, that was one extremely catchy excerpt. When I was a teenager, my nome de plume on one local bbs was Flyings Spuds from Space and my nickname was Spuddy for a few years, so I probably have an unusual appreciation for it. Even so, it's a very cute song and one that I think my readers under the age of four will enjoy!

The song, which I found streaming here, was written by Malcolm Dalglish and was recorded by Metamora in 1985. It is also available on iTunes and will have a home on my iPod shortly.


  1. I've heard Metamora perform this song! I'm ashamed to say how long ago it was, but I was in Bloomington, IN at the time and they were based nearby and gave semi-regular concerts in the area. Wow - I haven't thought of that in a really long time... (I had turned off the pleas for money on NPR so didn't hear the background music)

  2. I forgot my headphones today so I can't listen to this song at work ;o(

    I too was wooed into donating by a free gift (actually, I would have donated anyway, but gifts are great incentives) only the gift I was wooed by was the tote bag from the Independent. It still hasn't arrived yet. I'm starting to keep tote bags in my car for grocery shopping, so I figured another one couldn't help and then I would be promoting two of my favorite local media sources: NPR and the Indy!

  3. I love malcolm dalglish! I have two Dalglish and Larson albums...yes, albums, the big flat vinyl thingies. I saw them in concert in San Francisco a long time ago. I'll have to listen to the clip when I'm on my other computer (my old G3 pukes on streaming content).