Thursday, February 14, 2008

Taverna Nikos Blogging: Valentine's Day

I haven't been a huge fan of Valentine's Day since I was a little kid, when the objective was to make handmade valentines out of construction paper and present them to one's immediate family members. On the other hand, I've figured that my opinion could easily change under the right circumstances and I've never been one to turn down chocolate or flowers. I also wouldn't dream of leaving the house on Valentine's without wearing heart shaped earrings. I guess one would say that my feelings are mixed and my occasional "bah humbug" only contributes to my enjoyment of the holiday.

Tonight I discovered that Taverna Nikos is an excellent place to go for Valentine's Day, regardless of whether one is celebrating a romantic evening or merely surviving the day. Excellent food can turn any evening into a festive occasion and tonight was no exception.
They had several specials for the evening, including a whole lobster over pasta. I chose to start off with a cup of shrimp bisque, which was extremely good. It wasn't too heavily laden with cream, which is just what I was hoping for. It was very flavorful, too.

Next I had their Valentine's Salad, which was also excellent. It had spinach, greens, feta, fantastic strawberries and caramelized pine nuts, with poppyseed dressing.

For dessert we had kataifi, which are kind of like baklava, but they are made with shredded wheat and are very chewy.

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