Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Van Bambi

Well, my dad drove the van to Vann Mann, in Charlotte, this morning and the van doors naturally started working normally as soon as he got there. That figures, doesn't it? They are going to mail me a replacement chip that apparently has less of a propensity for getting into funky states. Hopefully I won't have any more problems before it gets here.

The deer are getting a tad bolder at my house. They were just outside the guest room window while I was eating dinner this evening. There were actually two fawns wandering around chewing on everything green in sight. There were several wandering around my yard this weekend, even while I was outside.

This is all she did after she started eating the forsythias and got yelled at through an open window. She moved one of her ears. She couldn't have cared less. For a mere $19.95, you, too, can come over one evening and have your ego deflated. I accept paypal.

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