Monday, August 27, 2007

Jeremiah was a Treefrog

Last night as I was heading for dinner, I noticed a grey lump on the trim next to my garage door. I had to stop and take a look. It was a frog! That was exciting, because I usually just see frogs climbing on the windows at night. They're hard to see, much less photograph. Ignoring the fact that I really needed to get moving, I grabbed my camera and took a couple of photographs.

I believe it's a Hyla chrysoscelis or a Hyla versicolor. Apparently you can only distinguish between the two based on their call and this one didn't deign to demonstrate its singing voice.
When I came back, after dinner, it was still there but my opening the garage door made it wake up and move its arms a little.
From this angle, you can see the lighter spot under its eye, which is apparently one characteristic that distinguishes the two species from other treefrogs.
This wider angle view gives you a better of idea of where it was. It was perched high enough to be comparatively easy to photograph from my van. In fact, I couldn't have asked it to rest in a more convenient spot.

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