Saturday, August 04, 2007

Juicing and Whacking

This afternoon, I tried out my new juicer, the Black & Decker Citrusmate Plus Juicer. The limes I had looked a little worse for wear, but I had a couple of lemons that needed to be used. I decided to make about 3 cups of lemonade. The juicer was very easy to use, did the job and was surprisingly easy to clean. It was so much faster and easier than using an old fashioned manual juicer. For $18.24, that's pretty awesome. I didn't have juice flying off in all directions, but a few seeds were flung, so you have to pay attention to that.

I was pretty horrified at most of the lemonade recipes that I found on the web and in cookbooks. Most call for one part lemon juice, one part water and one part sugar. That's a LOT of sugar. I don't particularly like very sweet lemonade, so I decided to try a recipe called Lemonade #3. It was especially convenient since I only had two lemons. I thought it was good. My dad immediately ran for some Splenda.

Tonight I made Squash Stir Fry Surprise again. This time I used white wine instead of red and added two tablespoons of the lemon juice. I liked my invented dish a lot the first time I made it, but this time I thought it was incredibly good. I took CV's recommendation and whacked the head of garlic before I tried to peel it. I hit it with a can a few times and the cloves were so much easier to peel. It only took a few minutes this time. Thanks CV! The reason I've been working with whole heads of garlic so often is because we've been getting them from our Elysian Fields Farm share. When that's over, I'm sure I'll go back to using my minced garlic from Costco. I do like eating whole cloves of garlic, though.


  1. When I used Real Lemon (Costco nudges me away from all-homemade) to make lemonade at our last party, I went with about 1:6:3/4. My teeth are too sensitive to appreciate the really strong stuff, and it does seem like you can get away with less sweetener that way.

    (For all that I take lemon juice shortcuts, I just don't make lime pie unless someone else volunteers to juice the limes - the gizmo is clearly a good deal.)

  2. Do you have any control over how your captcha is implemented? It always seems to have timed out by the time I'm done composing a comment, and I need to submit the next one.

  3. No, unfortunately I don't have any control over the captcha other than turning it on and off. Unfortunately, with all the bots, it's a necessity. Does it make any difference if you log into your blogger account first?