Sunday, August 19, 2007

From the Photo Archives

As I've mentioned numerous times, I've been going through my family's photographs. I've been doing a lot of sorting, a little of actually putting photos in album pages and a lot of looking. There are thousands of photographs to go through, because I may be the first person in my family to put serious effort or at least time into this. I've been very pleased with the archival materials I've ordered, mostly from Light Impressions.

Most of the photographs I've been concentrating on are from the early 1900s, but yesterday I found and cleaned up a picture from 1976. By cleaned up, I mean there was something strange on it, but luckily it was finished in such a way that I could safely rub it off with a slightly damp paper towel.

This is one of the rare photographs, particularly before the advent of the digital camera and twenty shots could economically be taken at one time, in which I do not look in the slightest bit inebriated. In fact, given the amount of perkiness in that expression, I suspect the photographer was holding a cup of coffee to get my attention. I'm pretty sure that's how I look when someone hands me a latte now.


  1. were just a happy baby.

  2. Oh, light impressions makes some very good stuff. My stepmom got us a bunch of their stuff awhile ago based on her work as an archivist, and it's been great.

    For sticky things on photographs (test on one you don't like first to make sure it's safe for that vintage), try Undu. It's great at getting sticky stuff off of photos... or anything else!