Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Paintings from Back in the Day

A week or two ago, my parents brought over some more of my artwork, which I painted or drew many years ago. This past weekend, I photographed a couple of large pieces. Back when I originally digitized these, the only practical option I had was to photograph them with a 35mm film camera, get them developed somewhere and then scan them. I also had to keep the resolution of the scan comparatively low, because I only had a 5MB quota on my unix account. Now using a digital camera is the easiest way to get the highest resolution images and it's not unusual to have a single image larger than that entire quota. Unfortunately, I sold most of my original botanicals and can't photograph them again.

I remember being very excited about working on this Berol Prismacolor colored pencil drawing and stayed up late several nights working on it just because I had so much fun with it. When people looked at this, they said that I would be good at designing wrapping paper. I should still probably photograph this once more so I can get it a little more focused without using the flash.

I painted this in gouache, probably during the same semester of high school, in 1992. I remember painting these fish like it was yesterday, if not considerably better than that.

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