Thursday, August 23, 2007

Low Flying Helicopter (Tibicen sp.)

A couple of mornings ago, I went out onto the deck to feed the birds before I left for work and was startled by what I believe was a very large cicada. I could easily be convinced, however, that it was a low flying Black Hawk helicopter. The previous night I'd heard something large flapping against the nearest window, but I'd been too exhausted to investigate, thinking that it might just be a bat, a giant moth or a common burgler. I'm guessing that this was one of the seven species of dog-day cicadas (Tibicen sp.), since they apparently emerge in North Carolina every summer and can be two inches long. Regardless, it was very large, very black and very loud.

This experience reminded me that I had observed cicada wings on my front van bumper when I arrived at work one morning, last week. I whipped out my camera, because I thought the wings were rather beautiful. Unfortunately, the wings and thorax had already parted ways.

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