Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Syncing with Lotus Notes and Other Mental Anguish

One of the many things I've been investigating now that I have my Treo 650 is syncing with my Lotus Notes calendar at work. I read on one of the forums that I happened upon that EasySync wouldn't work with the 650. EasySync is what I used briefly with my Palm V and while the version I had was somewhat annoying, it did the job. I also read about MNotes, which had favorable reviews. That, however, costs money and I'm not too inclined to spend even more money just yet. Also, now that the majority of my meetings are in a single building or are conference calls, it's not that hard to look up a meeting location or time at my desk. Either I can wait for EasySync update or wait for $75 to seem like an insignificant amount of money again. It could take a while.

Speaking of money, it's time for me to think about working on my taxes again. There. I thought.


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