Monday, April 04, 2005

Parmesan in my Phone

I went to Vinny's with my mom this evening and I got a little carried away with the parmesan. I always unscrew the tops of the little glass dispensers and evidently I got a little carried away. Parmesan ended up in my phone case, all over my skirt and in my shoes.

This past weekend my dad and I volunteered as ham radio operators for the annual Hillsborough Crop Walk. We were stationed at water station #2. Our responsibility was to let the net control know when the first runner went by, when the main pack of walkers went by and when what we thought were the last walkers passed us. Unfortunately, we saw more coming as we drove off. Oops. Even people serving the water had packed up a few minutes before. Fortunately, it was a very nice day, although extremely windy, so those last people probably weren't that thirsty. Before the "race" started, my dad and I drove around the course looking for the best place to be stationed. Driving the several mile long course around Hillsborough was probably the most entertaining part of the experience.

The weather has been beautiful and my daffodils are gorgeous.

I watched the Incredibles again Saturday night and I enjoyed it more the second time. I think it looks more impressive on a smaller screen. Either that or I just appreciated more the subtleties this time. My brother sent my parents a DVD, but it's really supposed to be his and my mom is supposed to mail it to him.

I'm doing my taxes now. I suppose I should get back to them. They might feel as if I'm ignoring them otherwise.

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