Monday, April 11, 2005

Picnic Chant

This weekend I went to a picnic, got a haircut, went to a concert and did my taxes.

The picnic was for the Duke Computer Science Department. It was held at the West Point on the Eno, as it is every year. The weather was just perfect and the food was from Whole Foods, so I enjoyed it. I got to talk to a couple of professors and watched some ultimate frisbee. I was actually hit on the wrist by a frisbee in an unrelated game of "catch"in which I was not participating. Game projectiles are attracted to me. I'm suprised it didn't hit me in the forehead like they usually do.

On Sunday, my dad and I met AE at Duke Chapel for a concert by Trio Medieval, a Norwegian (actually 1/3 Swedish) female acapella group. The entire concert was music somewhat similar to Gregorian chant, although it was from the 13th century, where some of the dissonance starts to creep in. This is one of those cases where I know I used to know much more about this in college, at least briefly.

Doing my taxes was a lot easier this year than last, since I didn't have to struggle with Wild Tangent. I ended up going over to my parents' house last night, to finish them up. They have a very cool HP printer/copier/fax now. I need to try putting in a different cartridge into my printer, in my studio. I have a black and white one, which should be good enough for black and white, I think. I try not to leap to conclusions too often.

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