Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hold the ketchup

I don't know if anyone has coined the term "slogger" as a slacker blogger before, but it certainly seems to apply to me. I haven't blogged in ages. I haven't described more appreciation for my Treo 650. I have been busy. Of course, this means that I have had tons to write about. Instead of writing about everything in excrutiating details and describing every single condiment, I will attempt to describe everything as quickly as possible.

I went to a Durham FM Association meeting the week before last and the program was about storm chasing. It was very cool seeing real footage of some of the hurricanes last season. It was pretty dramatic and educational. That week I also went to see the Duke Symphony Orchestra, which had an excellent concert. You can find out more about the soloist for the evening, on his website, For the many of you who are searching, you can also find a picture of J.J. Redick there.

Last Saturday I went to the Orange County Radio Amateurs ham radio breakfast. For dinner, I went with JJ and EB to Outback. I had coconut shrimp and their chopped blue cheese salad, which was wonderful. On Sunday, I went to the RARs hamfest and got to show off my house afterwards. That night I went over to GM's and had pizza with him, AE and JH. We watched Chicken Run afterwards, which was still entertaining, even though I'd seen it a couple of times when it came out.

This weekend, KS came to visit. Last night we went to Kanki to celebrate BJK's birthday. That was fun and Japanese steakhouses are usually entertaining. I got to meet BJ's sister and see her parents again. Afterwards, KS and I went to the Coffee Cafe around the corner to get ice cream and a brownie. This morning, my parents came over and I took forever making French toast, but it was good. If nothing else, I'm slow when I'm talking and doing anything else, especially cooking.

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