Monday, May 24, 2004

I've moved!

There's been another big gap in postings, but for good reason! In addition my being extremely busy at work, my insurance company alerted me that my driver's license had been cancelled and I moved into my new house. It may be a while before I have cable hooked up, so my posts will continue to be sporadic.

Last Friday I got the call about my license. It had a medical cancellation. The DMV claimed that they had sent me notices last December stating that I had to come in to be re-examined and that my license had been revoked when I didn't show up. I never received any mail from them. You'd think that they would at least use registered mail when notifying you that your driver's license had been cancelled. I called several people at the main office, but I was unable to get them to extend it until I could get to the DMV or even drive home from work. The earliest appointment I could get for a new road test was Thursday at 9am. It was pretty ridiculous and I did far better than when I actually got my license, but they were all very nice. I needed to change my address on my license anyway. Somehow it seems worse if your license is taken away from you for almost a week than it is when your van is in the shop. It is, however, a lot cheaper.

Last Saturday, I also had an excellent dinner at WH and BZ's house. She served tilapia, rice, asparagus and cantaloupe salsa. It was pretty amazing. I went with JJ and JA and we all had a good time.

This Friday morning, at 8:30am, the movers came! DeHaven's did a fantastic job, moving all the heavy furniture and boxes of books. I spent the night there last night and it was the first time I'd ever spent a night in a house by myself. I neglected to turn off the bathroom fan, which masked any bumps in the middle of the night. My new ice maker sometimes sounds just like someone's knocking at the door. The one wrinkle in all this is that, until this morning, they still hadn't hooked up the gas line to the road. No hot water. No hot showers. No clean dishes. I don't have a clothes washer and dryer yet, so it didn't affect that.

When I got up this morning to brush my teeth, I discovered that I also didn't have any cold water. It looked as if the gas people accidently cut the water main immediately after they started working on the gas. I was going over to my parents' house to take a shower, but, of course, they didn't have water either. I do think I might be able to have a bog garden at the edge of my property... It's back on now and hopefully the gas people will finish someday. My builder has been trying to get PS Energy to hook up my gas since November!

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