Saturday, May 15, 2004

I'm not dead!

It keeps getting longer and longer between posts. I've figured that it would make more sense to actually get some sleep than complain about how much I've been working every night. Before today I only had two off in three weeks and they weren't consecutive.

Last Sunday, I did go to the computer science department's graduation ceremony. I didn't know any of the students who were graduating. They didn't know me either. I go for the free food. It's catered by the guy who runs the cafeteria closest to the department. He gave me a big hug when he saw me. I went into work immediately after the luncheon.

I had lunch at the India Palace II on Tuesday with PS. We decided if we didn't decide to just go that we'd never do it. It was good. It was so nice getting out during the day and having a good meal.

Wednesday night, I dragged my family to Tosca, where they'd never been before. I had shrimp stuffed ravioli with a lobster something sauce. The sauce was brown. It was very good. For dessert, I had a scoop of hazelnut chocolate gelato with a scoop of mixed berry sorbetto. The waiters kept giving me a hard time that it was a strange combination, but I thought it was perfect.

Today I went to GM's house and watched Mystery Science Theatre 3000 present "The Cave Dwellers". Like all MST3000 episodes, it was fairly hilarious. I hadn't seen GM in five years, but he seemed just the same, but with a beard. I met two of his other friends, A and J.

After I got home, we watched the Preakness. Smarty Jones can really move. We may have a triple crown winner yet. Afterwards, we went to ACME once again. In their e-mail newsletter I had read that they were going to have soft shell crabs and soft shell crawfish over lemony cheese grits with brocolli raab. I reserved two orders for my mom and me when I made the reservations. My dad and I split yet another strawberry rhubarb cobbler to finish it off.

Actually, the major thing this week is that my move got postponed. My builder couldn't get the grading scheduled and the concrete poured until the day after I was supposed to move That wouldn't exactly have worked out. The movers couldn't reschedule until a week and a half later, so it looks as if I'll me moving on Memorial Day weekend. I had really been looking forward to the vacation and moving in, so these next couple of weeks are going to take forever.

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