Saturday, May 08, 2004

Dusting Off the Cobwebs

Goodness! I haven't gone this long without posting since I started last Christmas. Unfortunately, work can interfere with whatever I'd rather be doing and I haven't had time to let my readers know what I've been up to. For three nights in a row, I worked until close to 11pm. I've decided to take today off, but I'll probably go in tomorrow, after graduation. Fortunately, I know my code works, but I just have to test it a little more to make sure.

Here are some random highlights from the last few days:

Tuesday morning, I met with the Builder Products/Closetmaid guy and we figured out what kind of wire shelves I want in my house. I also specified where the towel rods and things like that should go. While I was there, Baby, one of our neighbors' three dogs got in my van and ate an entire bag of liver treats.

That night, I went with my dad to buy a spotlight from Lowe's. I had decided at one point that I wasn't going to have a light over my stove, but then JJ suggested that I might want to have an electrical plate above it, just in case I decided that I wanted one later. Finally, my builder suggested that I just buy a single track light for it. I went in there intending to buy a $10 light and I ended up buying my refrigerator. I got a Frigidaire and it didn't sound as if they usually kept many of the particular model in stock and it might take two weeks to get one. Hopefully everything will go as planned and I'll be able to have it delivered as scheduled on the 18th. The funniest thing was that they had a label on it describing all the features and it said that the buttons on the front "doubled as a nightlight". That's one expensive nightlight...

Wednesday night, I met my dad over at Neomonde for dinner. We got to eat our sampler platters outside, which was nice. After getting my labneh fix, I went back to work.

Thursday and Friday consisted almost entirely of working. I did try a Starkist make-your-own tuna salad kit Friday night at the office. It was terribly cute, since it came with tuna, crackers, low-calorie mayo, relish and even a mint.

Today, I went over to the new house. They've made a lot of progress. The carpet and vinyl are in and both look great. The gray carpet isn't too dark or too light. It's just perfect and it goes well with the paint colors. The spotlight is up now and doesn't look too bad. My dad had commented that it didn't look as good as all my other light fixtures, but it really doesn't look bad. It doesn't stand out, which is a good thing. I have a garage door now. They were working on the deck while I was there and it even has a floor. It's a good size and I think I will really enjoy it. Considering how little we've used my parents' deck, that may be overly optimistic, but we'll see. I think patio furniture will help.

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