Saturday, May 08, 2004

Duke's East Campus Graduation Reception

Since I neglected my blog for so long, I just have to post more than once today. I went to the graduation reception on the Duke East Campus lawn. My dad and I go every year, because it's often very pleasant eating and talking under the giant oak trees. The food has been kind of detiorating over the years, though. When my mom graduated, they had shrimp wrapped in bacon. Last year's was particularly bad and even the punch was watered down. The punch used to be a combination of kool-aid and Sprite. Now it's pineapple juice and Sprite. Surprisingly enough, I prefer the kool-aid. This year, almost none of the hors d'ouevres contained meat. Of course, that suited me just fine. They had vegetable sandwiches, which were pretty good, lots of fruit and cookies, etc.

Is it only about the food? Well.... There are always lots of parents and graduating seniors milling about. It's a good time for watching people. This is especially true for me now that I'm no longer on the look-out for students that I know. Occasionally I do see one or more of my former professors, which can be cool. Today I saw Dr. BB, since his daughter was graduating.

One of the more entertaining things is observing how people dress. It ranges from formal attire, including uncomfortable looking shoes, to torn jeans and t-shirts. I saw so many women wearing spiked heels with pointy toes. In some cases, the heels sank right into the ground, which looked particularly awkward. Why would anyone do that to their feet? I saw so many ankle straps that seemed to be wreaking havoc to the backs of ankles. I didn't see any outlandish or inspired dresses, though.

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