Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vit Goal Tofu

I recently went to Vit Goal Tofu with a bunch of co-workers, which was a real treat. It's a Korean restaurant and from what I understood from my friends, Hugh and Anastasia, (I can use their names, because they're already famous.) who lived there for a year, it's fairly authentic. We started off with some non-caffeinated barley tea, which comes with the meal.
We also ordered some ginseng wine, baekseju, and My Little Pony Whisperer offered her full glass as a model. I had just a taste of it, but I thought it was quite good.

MLPW had japchae with beef and it looked very good, particularly the green noodles.

Assorted side dishes also came with our meal, including three types of kim chee (cabbage, daikon radish and cucumber), salad and potatoes. I particularly liked the cucumber kim chee. All were pretty mild.
I had the seafood tofu soup, which was delicious. The soft tofu was lovely and it had two whole shrimp (the heads and eyes were no extra charge), clams and oysters. The clams were the best, but I seem to be getting fonder of clams all the time. This photo was after MLPW had stolen a spoonful while I was trying to take the picture. No, I didn't stab her with my fork, but I did consider it. You can actually see a video of what the soup was like as soon it was served. It remained hot, temperature-wise, throughout most of the meal, but it wasn't overly spicy, despite my requesting "medium". Overall, it was very nice.

Hugh is very tall, so he was able to provide the satellite view of our table during the meal. I am definitely looking forward to going back soon, because there are a lot of interesting sounding things on the menu that I want to try.


  1. Satellite view very funny. Hugh must be very very tall.

    My blog on same restaurant:

    which is interesting primarily because of its snarky links to the Triangle Bailliage.

  2. Anonymous7:41 AM

    I could eat there almost every day and be quite happy. Let's go again soon, Lenore. Anastasia

  3. Phil, I enjoyed following your link to Off the Broiler. I think it's hilarious that he took a similar 5 or 6 second video of the boiling seafood tofu soup. :) Food bloggers think alike, eh? :)

    Anastasia, going again soon would be awesome!

  4. What is tofu? Where does it originate?