Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blu Blogging : Special Oyster Night

Tonight Blu Seafood and Bar had a special oyster night with all kinds of wonderful oyster dishes. They offered seven different kinds of raw oysters, which could be ordered individually. I got nine Lockwood Folly oysters from North Carolina. I also got one each of Malpeques, from the Chesapeake Bay region, Chef's Creek and Kumamoto, both of which were from Washington State. I thought the Chef's Creek oyster, pictured above, was the best tasting. It also had a beautiful shell, with undulating edges.

This Kumamoto oyster was gorgeous, too. It was also delicious.

Tonight they had both Oysters Casino and Rockefeller. I ordered the Casino, which had bread crumbs, bacon, butter and shallots. They were very good.

I also got an order of fried oysters with horseradish cream sauce. I've shown this to you before, but their oysters are just magnifiscent and I have a new camera.

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