Wednesday, January 07, 2009

End of the Rainbow

Early this evening, I got a call from Google Earth Evangelist, who said that there was a rainbow outside. She did warn me that it was raining some, but I immediately rushed out and there it was. My photos, as usual, don't do it justice, since it wasn't food, and I suspect it had faded some since she called me. It was still cool, though. I found it amusing that it looked as if at end of the rainbow there was not a pot of gold, but Duke's coal pile.

In fact, the rainbow was huge. It was particularly nifty looking at all this, because the chapel carillon was playing and it was extremely windy.

Meanwhile, the sky was pretty spectacular behind me, too.

Around this time, or perhaps shortly before, a whole bunch of people saw this rainbow or other rainbows and they tweeted about it. John Rees collected all the tweets that linked to a bunch of amazing rainbow photos so you can see them, too.


  1. I was in the car and I saw it, but too offline to tweet or blog it and no camera to take a pic...

  2. Alicia11:47 AM

    I didn't see the rainbow, but the sky yesterday was amazing. When I got home I immediately got into photoshop to create a color palette getting as close to the sky's grey purples, bright blue and yellow colors as I could (also didn't do it justice)...definitely keeping that around for a project. : )