Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Arrival

I'm still behind in blogging, but there are still some things that I want to write about from early January (yes, 2006) before I start grossly glossing over details to catch up to the present.

On Tuesday, January 10th, I got to enjoy one last day of vacation, even though my brother headed back home to Boston earlier in the day. It was gloomy, of course. It really seems as if 80% of my days off are gloomy. It's gloomy now. I guess if there's a chance of rain, I'd rather not have to go anywhere, so this isn't necessarily a complaint.

The most exciting thing of the day was that my new guitar arrived! I decided to get a 3/4 size Martin LX1 "Little Martin". Fed Ex brought it late in the afternoon and I was very excited. This was dampened somewhat by the notice on the box saying that it should adjust to the temperature of the house for a few hours before opening the box. That was fairly agonizing.

Fortunately, I had to go play "Madame Secertary" at the Durham FM Association meeting anyway. I need to write up those minutes today, too. JH was there and we scheduled a time that evening for his first transmission on his handheld ham radio. I rushed home after the meeting and was relieved to see that the guitar already had strings on it. That was one less thing I had to figure out immediately. I was and am *extremely* pleased with the guitar. It's just the right size and sounds great, too. I did take a brief break from looking at it to talk to JH on the radio. Since then, I've been practicing playing the guitar almost every day, and that's been cutting down on my blogging time just a bit. What, you didn't notice??

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  1. Sweet. Playing your own music is a great way to make gloomy hours go by.