Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fierce Bad Rabbit and Sushi Theft

Here's one picture of FIFO that I took on New Year's Day. He transforms into a fierce bad rabbit when he's upside-down.

The Thursday before last, my brother flew down from Boston to visit us. After work, I met my parents and him for dinner at Bullock's Barbecue. That was the start of my vacation while he was there. They now have deviled eggs as a side dish, which was very exciting. I had two whole eggs with two chicken legs and their wonderful cole slaw. I was extremely disappointed in their chocolate pie. I've been eating there for almost thirty years now and they've always had a deliciously smooth chocolate pie with meringue. The filling has always been similar to chocolate pudding, but slightly thicker. This time it had a weird consistency and wasn't very chocolatey at all. It was very sad.

That Friday, I went over to my parents' to visit with the dog and everyone. We had ham sandwiches with Leerdammer cheese. I also took some good pictures of FIFO. That evening, we went to Mt. Fuji for dinner. It's funny, one review says that they "kind of wanted to take a picture of my plate". As you all know, that's what I like to do. We had a bit of a fiasco that night, because our favorite waiter didn't use his reading glasses and didn't see about half our order on our sheet. Since we didn't know what the rolls were supposed to look like, we ended up eating one of the rolls that my mom had ordered, the red NY roll in the picture. We forgot to ask for a replacement when we were getting it straightened out. Fortunately, she liked the couple of pieces of my wasabi roll that she had.

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