Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Juggling Party

Now that I've spent too much time updating my picture for this blog and my website today, I'll continue writing about last weekend.

Last Saturday, I spent most of the day cleaning up my house making rolls and coconut macaroons, in preparation for The Juggling Party. Once AE, KD, GM, JH and IS arrived, we started out by playing with my Geomag sets. Given that I failed miserably at protecting the identity of JH last time, I'll quit worrying about it and post an unobscured photos of JH and GM. AE gave each of us guns that blow bubbles, which turn into vapor when they burst. We played with those and JH's fog ring blaster. I was nervous about having so much vapor flying everywhere in the house, but those things are very cool.

Since my brother was visiting, my mom made a wonderful dinner. She made three turkey breasts, dressing, cranberry sauce, and broccoli. This time when I made rolls, the dough actually rose. At my mom's suggestion, this time I left out the 1/4 cup of water and then I didn't have to add much extra flour. We wonder if this might be necessary since the recipe was written for a higher altitude.

After dinner, we got back to playing with Geomags. My brother, Karl, was the first to finish a buckyball, starting with an unstable base that my dad had started earlier. JH and IS actually ran out of pieces for their buckyball and had to incorporate some pieces from a Magnetix set.
Finally, GM posed some Acrobots from ThinkGeek on top of the two balls.

We watched a silent cowboys and Indians movie, made in the early 50's, starring AE's, uncle, mother and grandmother. We also saw the Wallace and Gromit shorts again, because JH hadn't seen them.

Finally, we juggled! Even my dad gave it a try. We watched the contact juggling DVDs, too.

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