Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Toy

I'm still a month behind, but I will catch up soon, I promise. This was one problem that I used to have when writing hardcopy journals, when I was a kid. I would get behind. It was easier back then, because I never had anything terribly interesting to write about except for food. Wait..

When I got back to work after my brother's visit, I traded in my 4th generation "photo" iPod for a new 5th generation video iPod. Watching video on it is just incredibly cool, although I, to this day, have not found anything that I would want to watch on a regular basis. I barely even watch television as it is. I almost hesitate to say that I am looking forward to more content's being available for it, but I already have enough to do. The screen is just so nice and I am looking forward to the audio recorder's becoming available for the new model, so I could try recording some guitar playing with which I could play along on my own. I know I'm not the only one looking forward to their availability.

I'm hoping to get some software that will allow me to convert my AVI files produced by my Canon SD500 camera to iPod video, but I haven't gotten around to finding something good and free yet. From what I've heard at work, some of the software is a lot better than others.

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