Friday, September 30, 2005

Pictures Galore

I'm going to make up for the fact that I haven't been putting up many pictures lately. I'm sure that's been surprising since I recently announced that I bought a canon sd500. On the left is what I thought was a particularly gorgeous picture of an oak tree in my yard. On the right is an example of the crepe-like pancakes, also known as "Dad's pancakes" from my dad's recipe. I think the pattern on this one is quite beautiful. We've been making them fairly often. This was using his version calling for only six eggs rather than a full dozen.

The clouds were above GM's apartment building a couple of weeks ago. We thought they were quite lovely. The photo on the right is the view from the CIEMAS Engineering complex. On the left is the cafeteria that I've been frequenting. In the distance you can see the arch and the connector between the new Bostock library building on the left and the old Perkins building on the right, where I'm working now or at least for three more business days, until the move.

These show some of the beautiful plantings between CIEMAS and the new Divinity School building, which is to the right of the chapel in the picture on the left. It's hard to tell from these photos, but that path is definitely uphill. I cut through the new Divinity School building in order to get to CIEMAS from the main quad.

In the left photo you can see more nice plants as well as the CIEMAS on the left and the new Bostock library building on the right. In the right photo you can see the back of the old Perkins library. With the exception of Perkins and the chapel, all of these buildings are new. From these pictures, you can probably see just how well all the new construction fits into the rest of campus.

On the left are some really nice caladiums near the chapel. On the right is my new 15kW generator! It's still needs to be hooked up and the natural gas connectecd, but it's definite progress. When it's connected, it will run the whole house and come on automatically. After weeks of not having power after Fran and during ice storms, this was really important to me.

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