Saturday, October 08, 2005

Do Not Press the Unmarked Button

When I don't write for a week, sometimes I jot down some of my activities as I go along and it's often interesting to see how they bubble up in levels of significance to me.

The Friday before last I got my work Ipod. That seems like an oxymoron if I've ever heard one. Since it's a photo Ipod, I'm convinced that it could be used to teach math, but so far I've only put fives songs on it. I'll have to put Tom Lehrer's "New Math" on it.

That night, my dad and I went to an alumni dinner for Duke employees. The food was incredibly good. I ate lots of chocolate covered strawberries. I seem to be making that a habit. They also had an excellent salmon dish, a nice cheese selection and many other goodies. Other than meeting interesting fellow alumni and eating great food, the coolest thing was the path we took to get to the location of the reception, which was the Hall of Honor in Cameron Indoor Stadium. To get to the elevator, we had to take a lengthy route that went by the training area, so I got to see Johnny Dawkins on a stationary bike.

Saturday, AE, GM, JH and I went to see Corpse Bride. Afterwards we ended up eating at the food court, going to the Apple store and Barnes'N'Noble. The Nano is just as small as everyone else has said.

Sunday, my dad and I spent five years at Sprint. It was really only and hour and a half. They looked at the non-working touch screen on my Treo 650 and replaced it. The new one works so much better. That night, I went to JJ's surprise birthday party. That was loads of fun and JA cooked some wonderful things, including shrimp etouffe and tres leches cake.

One day this past week, I discovered that it's very important to press the correct button on the coffee machine at work. When I was specifying how much hot chocolate I wanted, I accidently pressed the button under the one for 8 ounces. I discovered, after the fact, that it was for a carafe. As you may imagine, I now have a new "most embarrassing moment". Fortunately, they continued to let me get coffee and hot chocolate later in the week.

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