Saturday, September 17, 2005

Looks like a Giant Slug

At lunchtime on Thursday, I met my dad outside the library and we went over to CIEMAS, which is the Duke Center for Interdisciplinary Engineering, Medicine and Applied Sciences. I'm going to a meeting there tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure I knew how to get there ahead of time. They also have a cafe there, called Twinnie's, which seems to have good food. I had a wrap with smoked salmon, cucumbers, spinach and capers. The cafe is run by Fares, who ran the cafeteria at the LSRC, where I always ate as a student.

Thursday night, my parents and I went to see a performance by Lily Tomlin, which was part of this season's Artists' Series concerts. It's kind of strange that they included a comedic routine in this year's season, but she was very funny. The audience was very different from most of the concerts and I suspect that many seacon ticketholders turned in their tickets. Fortunately, that meant that there were a lot of people who appreciated her political jokes.

I had lunch with NP on Friday. He actually works in Perkins and even on the same floor as I do, but you have to go to the first floor before you can go from one of our offices to the other. He works in the old part of the library and I work in the newer part. In any case, we went to Rick's Diner, in Eden's quad. I'd never been there or to the original restaurant in Durham. It wasn't bad and it was fun talking to NP again, after three years or so.

Friday afternoon, my coworkers and I went to Tyler's for a celebration. Tyler's just opened in the American Tobacco Historic District. It's basically a bar and the original one is in Carrboro.
The food was pretty good and I had a great time, meeting yet more people and watching them play pool. JM was also there and I got to tell her how much I like her stereo, which I adopted.

Yesterday, I went over to GM's apartment. He, AE, JH and I ate pizza. We were pretty much laughing nonstop, particularly when we came to the conclusion that it was Pick on JH Day. Then we watched Pleasantville, which was a very interesting movie. It was both entertaining and thought provoking, which is fairly unusual.

I'm beginning to think that maybe I do need new glasses. There's a praying mantis on the window and it looks like a giant slug from here.

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