Sunday, September 04, 2005

Still Glued

I've continued to be glued to CNN and Eschaton for the past week. There have been times when I've been truly impressed with the CNN coverage, which I never expected. The highlight was when Anderson Cooper interviewed Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu and told her that he was sick of politicians thanking each other while dead bodies were being eaten by rats on the street. They've actually been accusing people in the administration of lying. I guess when the situation is so obvious on everyone's television screens, that becomes possible. Unfortunately, some deaths and distress were probably caused by delays due to politicians staging photo opportunities.

You all may have read about this organization on other blogs, but Noah's Wish is rescuing pets that have been orphaned by Hurricane Katrina. They rescue pets that have been displaced due to disasters and conflicts around the world.

Otherwise, I've been enjoying my last full week of vacation. It truly has been a vacation since I know I will be starting a new job next Wednesday

Our neighbor/landscaper and his crew cut up and hauled away the dead tree that was cut a couple of weeks ago. I also got to eat with friends at Pizza Hut and the Mellow Mushroom again.

I ate many locopops.

Late Friday, I got a temporary parking permit for work and I'll get a permanent one once I get a Duke ID. There I found out that Duke will be accepting 75 Tulane students. I found out later that Duke was actually one of the first two universities to volunteer.

Then I went to a picnic at the Duke Computer Science Department and got to talk to several faculty and students that I hadn't seen in a while. It was catered by Bullock's barbecue, which was excellent. I'd forgotten how good their lemonade and fried chicken were. I've always been a fan of their barbecue and coleslaw.

Today I met JJ and JA at Guglhupf Bakery, in Durham. While I'd had their bread and pastries before, I'd never been to their new cafe. It's a very nice location and my eggs benedict were very good. There were many things I would have liked to try on their menu, but I was hungry so I needed to make a decision. Once we had our food, we spent most of the time discussing the situation in New Orleans, since they lived there for many years.

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