Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Canned Peaches

I actually wrote a blog post while I was, dare I admit it, watching the Oscars. My brain rotted enough such that I shut my laptop off without remembering to actually publish. My post wasn't very inspiring anyway, so it's probably good that my dear readers were spared from it.

I even forgot to mention in that post that I had dinner with JJ at Blue Corn Cafe last week. We enjoyed fried plantains as an appetizer and then I ate smoked salmon quesadillas. Any meal that I can remember vividly a week and a half later is worth mentioning.

Last Wednesday, I saw AE and GM perform works by Glinka and Mussorgsky as a part of a Duke Symphony Orchestra concert. Among other things, they played Pictures at an Exhibition, which is one of my favorite pieces and is quite at home in my CD changer. It was fun getting to talk to them both as well as JH during intermission.

My Dube stage ball is actually the EXACT color of canned peaches. That's far more appealing to me than mashed bananas.

This past Sunday, I met JJ, JA and EB at Fowler's for brunch. I had a wonderful smoked salmon, green onion and goat cheese quiche, with home fries and a fresh fruit cup. We had a fun time talking and eating, as always. I also stocked up on Blenheim ginger ale.

It was cold and icky yesterday, so I worked from home. It really is nice to be able to do that. We were supposed to have snow. In fact, the local weatherman, Greg Fishel bet about a month ago that we would have frozen precipitation before the end of the month or he would jump in the fountain outside the television studio. ...and he did.

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