Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Random Bits

There were several things that I neglected to mention in my last post. One of the reasons that last week's mocha cake and the macaroons turned out so much better is that my mom got me an oven thermometer and we were able to determine that you have to specify that the oven temperature is 360 degrees in order to get it up to 350 degrees. Apparently, that makes a big difference.

Also, one of JH's hobbies, that he demonstrated Saturday night, is contact juggling, which looks very cool.

My washing machine died Friday night. I spent most of the day waiting for the repairman to arrive. It looks as if the door lock switch failed and he'll have to order a new one. Joy. It's only been four months! I'm going to have to outsource my laundry related program activities. It will take an average of five to seven days for the part to come in.

You may have seen on other blogs the video that compares the eloquence of Bush ten years ago compared to his recent verbal blunders. If you haven't, I recommend that you check it out. If you think of Bush as being human (I realize this may seem a bit of a stretch), it's really rather sad. What's far more tragic (and scary) is the idea that someone who has obviously detiorated this much is running the country. It's one thing to be malevolent and another to be malevolent and suffering from dementia.

You also might want to check out this superb video by the National Jewish Democratic Council.

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