Sunday, October 10, 2004

Juggling Macaroons

This week (during the week) the two main things (other than watching the debates) worth noting were that I went out to lunch twice. On Wednesday JJ and I went to Dale's Indian Cuisine and Friday CL, PS , and I went to Moe's Southwestern Grill, in Cary. I had a burrito at Moe's that reminded me of a Cosmic Cantina vegetarian one and it was about the same price. Last night I had a Burrito Cancun at Casa Ibarra, so not only did I have Mexican food twice in once day but I had burritos for both meals. I think that's a first. We got to sit outside for both lunch outings and the weather was absolutley perfect.

I've been cooking all day. GM, JH and AE came over for dinner. I made a shrimp, bacon, pesto and mozarella pizza with a spinach salad and coconut macaroons. Yes, I've made the same pizza for three weekends in a row. I'm going to have to learn to make something else for that many people, so I can invite people back a second time. This time I didn't overbeat the eggs for the macaroons so they actually looked normal. They even browned. I was very pleased.

Having them over was loads of fun. JH started teaching me how to juggle! I must say that I made more progress tonight than I ever have on my own.

After dinner we watched Pirates of the Carribean, which was very entertaining. It was yet another movie that I'd be happy to see again.

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