Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Battle of the Signs

Someone (a neighbor?) put a Bush-Cheney sign just outside the edge of my property line at the end of our main driveway today. I thought it was necessary for my mom to immediately go out in search of our own Kerry-Edwards sign. She rushed off to the Orange County Democratic Party to get 3 Kerry-Edwards signs, 2 bumperstickers, a David Price sign and button. So now, if you drive by my driveway, you will see at least a somewhat more balanced display. Fortunately, the sign for our Democratic congressman, Price, tips it a little in the appropriate direction. Hopefully this will not attract signs for the horrid Republicans that are running for governor and the senate. I've now added another bumpersticker to my van and my mom promises to wear the button, since I already have my own (thanks to KB!).

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