Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kim Son

On Tuesday, I went to Kim Son with a couple of friends. It must have been at least two years since I had been there, for some inexplicable reason, since I've enjoyed every meal that I've eaten there. We started out with some delicious steamed dumplings. I must apologize that I don't remember full name of my entree Pho, but it was #7. It had lots of sliced roasted pork with egg vermicelli, in a delicious broth. I've never decided on the best way to eat vermicelli in a soup, but I'm quite positive that my method of twisting a fork against a spoon as if it were an Italian pasta is not an approved practice. It worked, though.

We followed our meal by eating two wonderful desserts. We had a huge serving of fried bananas with ice cream and chopped peanuts. I love fried bananas and this was really good.

We also had coconut flan, which was very good and comparatively light. It had a lovely design on top that we all tried to identify. Was it a scorpion? A salamander? The Virgin Mary disguised as some sort of legume? We were too eager to eat it to put it up on eBay and find out.

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