Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Secular Winter Holiday 2008!

Merry Christmas to everyone! It is on this holiday that we all gather to celebrate the birth of all that is holy and by that I am referring to my blog. Ok, maybe that's not what you thought you were celebrating, but deep down inside, you know it's true.

Yes, that's right. My blog is five years old today. It's hard to believe. Those of you who have been following along the whole time know that my blog has changed greatly since I first started. I no longer describe every little banality of my life. Now it's more like a travel guide for people who don't like traveling. There must be a lot of you who stick close to home, because I have way more readers than I ever dreamt I would.

You can read posts from blog Christmas past and compare trees from year to year. Frรถhliche Weihnachten!


  1. oh my! five years! congrats! and what a beautiful tree! cheers!

  2. Happy 5th Blogiversary, Lenore! Any many mooooorrrre!

  3. Happy blog-a-day and merry new year!