Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mount Fuji Blogging: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Special

Likely due to the competition from Sushi Love, Mount Fuji now has a similar buy one get one free deal on their sushi. From left to right, we got a shrimp tempura roll, a wasabi roll, a caterpillar roll and a rainbow roll.

UPDATE: Mount Fuji now has a Buy One Get One Free special every day and night, except for Thursday night. Thursday nights, all sushi is half price.


  1. What's the schedule on their BOGO? Is it all day?

    Akashi has been doing that thing for some time, too, on some schedule.

    I wonder how the economics of this is working out for all the sushi restaurants. I mean, if you told me I had to chop my revenues in half for half of the things I sold, I'd go broke.

    Any clues?

    You're getting me more psyched for my return to NC, by the way. Especially since I have a desk with business partners who are upstairs from Mt. Fuji.

  2. How was the Sushi? I've not tried them out yet because I've heard mixed reviews, and I am also curious as to whether it's an all day special, etc. That looks yummy!

  3. They have the special for lunch and dinner, every day except for Thursday and Sunday.

    Their sushi is very good and very consistent. In my opinion the sushi falls under Kurama, Sushi Love, and Cafe Zen, but I would say they have the best service (ask for Danny!).