Sunday, October 12, 2008

Anotherthyme Blogging: Salad, Salmon and More

Google Earth Evangelist and I visited Anotherthyme last week and had an excellent dinner. We started off with the French Green salad, partially so we could have the lemon tamari dressing, which was one of three dressing options. It also had avocado, hard-boiled eggs, lettuce, red onion and cashews. GEE remarked upon the fine quality of the avocado. Warm bread with a nice crisp, but not too crisp, crust was served.

Salmon Almandine was my favorite of the non-dessert dishes. It was lemon baked salmon with sliced almonds and haricot vert, with a tarragon mayonnaise. The four ounces of salmon were cooked perfectly. Overall, it was delicious.

The crabmeat and Monterey Jack quesadilla with salsa verde and chipotle pepper yogurt was much cheesier than crabby, but I enjoyed it.

Finally, we each had a raspberry cocotte, which remains my favorite dessert of all time. Its caramelized crust, cheese and raspberries marinated in Chambord did not disappoint. It was so good. I finally ate an entire serving by myself without any rescue efforts at the end. There wasn't even much need to clean the plate afterwards. I want another one. Too bad they closed an hour and a half ago.


  1. Girl, you eat the FINEST food in the Triangle! I am JEALOUS. You know, I hear AnotherThyme has great vegetarian options, and I've never even been.

    Note to self: must eat at AnotherThyme asap!

  2. So glad you've gotten to know the raspberry cocotte. It was the first dessert I ever ordered at AnotherThyme many years ago, and I haven't been able to order anything different since then, I love it so much... :)

  3. Glad to hear Anotherthyme is still turning out excellent food. I love their chocolate cake--the only fancy restaurant I know of that offers a plain ol' chocolate cake.

  4. Mmmmm you see that's what I love about your food blogging, you often get dessert. I never would have tried that raspberry cocotte and now I'm very curious about it!!