Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blu Blogging: New Fall Menu

Blu Seafood and Bar has a new fall menu and it has some exciting new entrees. My 2nd Most Faithful Reader and I decided to share two of them. He ordered the Sneads Ferry clams and linguine with cream and parmesan. As you can see, you get several whole clams in their shells and the sauce also contains chopped clams. It was very good and I like clams more than he does, so I was lucky to get most of them. Sometimes cream sauces with pasta can be overwhelmingly rich, but this was just right.

I ordered sautéed shrimp and diver scallops with butternut squash risotto, crispy prosciutto and herb vinaigrette. This dish was simply packed with flavor and was just excellent in every way. I was prepared for the butternut squash risotta to be on the sweet side, but instead it was good and savory. I'm not usually a big fan of risotto, because it can be mushy, but this was great. I don't generally let my pre-existing food prejudices keep me from ordering something at Blu.

My MFR ordered the tuna tartare, as always, and it was even difficult to keep myself from ordering it, because it's just so good. We followed our meal by sharing yet another order of the chocolate bread pudding. Next time I'm going to have to try their new side dish, lump crab "Mac and Cheese" with prosciutto and truffle cream. I think it will be great with one of their salads, don't you? I'm going to miss their watermelon, goat cheese and heirloom tomato salad until it gets warm again, but I'm pleased that their New England clam chowder is back on the menu, because it really hits the spot when it gets chilly in the evenings.

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  1. Okay with all your posts on Blu, I'm convinced I must try it. I'll drag the hubby there for date night (he's not a huge seafood fan). All the food looks soooo good!