Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vita Blogging: Great Value

In this age of inflation, it's refreshing to find reasonably priced food that's actually good. Last night, the ravioli of the day at Vita was filled with goat cheese, had a roasted red pepper cream sauce and was just $8. It was very good and the sauce was just spicy enough to have just a little kick to it. I don't even like red peppers, but they can add a nice flavor to a cream sauce. I did eat the peppers instead of picking them out, like I usually do. Well, I did pick them out, but I decided to eat them anyway and I'm glad I did. As I've written previously, their pastas and pizzas have been consistently good and inexpensive. Also, all their martinis (fru-fru and non-fru-fru ) are $4 on Tuesday nights.

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