Saturday, December 29, 2007


Last night, after guitar practice, my friends and I went to El Corral for dinner. It was good, as usual.

My friends recommended the horchata, which I'd never tried before, but I really liked it. I didn't photograph it, because it just looked like a glass of milk with ice in it. In the United States, it's usually a chilled and sweetened rice milk based beverage and is one of several commonly served types of aqua fresca. Another one is jamaica, which sounds a lot like iced "Red Zinger" or hibiscus tea to me, so I'm eager to try it.

Since the rest of the gang usually gets margaritas, it's nice to have something non-alcoholic to drink that's a little more interesting than water or soft drinks.


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    What kind of horchata was it? I was introduced to horchata in Valencia, Spain, where they make "horchata de chufas" (tigernuts). I've tried other versions of horchata but found them severely lacking compared to the Valencian horchata (even horchata from other parts of Spain was horrible compared to it).

    Also, by tradition in Spain, horchata is served with long pastries called "fartones" (seriously!) that you dip in the horchata. I don't suppose they had anything about that?

  2. I would be very surprised if tigernuts have ever set foot in El Corral. I'm sure it was made from rice, but I still enjoyed it.

    Tonali, which has more gourmet Mexican fare, also has aqua frescas. Maybe those are even better?