Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cramped Gelato Style

Brightleaf Square has a lovely Christmas tree on display in their courtyard. Despite the fact that I don't actually believe that the Christmas season should start until the 24th, a grand tree like that is one I can appreciate anytime.

I went over to Piazza Italia this evening to spend time with a couple of friends. I was disappointed to see that they added a wall that shrank the size of their gelato store space. They have a couple of benches along the wall and the distance between the benches and the gelato case is barely over three feet, if that. It's cramped for people sitting on the benches if other people are standing to pick out gelato. They said it was to make room for another private dining space. Gelato sales are slow right now, which is isn't too surprising, I suppose, but they expected the new wall to be permanent. It's sad, because that was such a pleasant sitting area for the gelato.

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