Friday, December 21, 2007

Haute Canine Cuisine

On Wednesday, when I went into the office after working at home while I was sick(er), I found that LA had left a container of cookies in my mailbox. I saw that they were even branded with a Gizmo label, which was terribly cute. I tried one and thought they tasted pretty awful, actually, but speculated that my taste buds hadn't fully recovered yet or perhaps it was because they were made from pumpkin. I thought I would take them home to see if my parents liked them.

Last night, I offered them to my mom and she exclaimed, "They're for dogs!"

"What?! No, they aren't."

Maybe I should have asked for Rosetta Stone for French instead of Spanish?

Today, LA, between bouts of hysterical laughter, explained that she gave most of the containers to our co-workers in person and told them they were dog biscuits. It doesn't pay to be out sick, apparently. The good thing is that I'm not squeamish about such things and I've sampled dog biscuits before. If it's good enough for my dog, then it's surely good enough for me, right?


  1. Funny that all of the ingredients are in English. I suppose they have to be per FDA regulations if sold in the US, but I guess there's no regulation about whether the product packaging specify the species the food is intended for. So the good news is that it must be perfectly safe for human consumption.

  2. Oh, I see I didn't make that clear at all. LA made both the cookies and the labels.

    So, the good news is really that she only dropped her spatula in the floor once or twice. :)

  3. Makes more sense now. I thought they were just some very gourmet dog biscuits from Phydeaux or some place like that. I didn't really think much of her having made the label herself.

  4. Once in my mid 20s or so (definitely before i got married, so prior to 1984) we were sitting around drinking and getting high and moaning the lack of good munchies.

    at that point the conversation turned to eating dog food, or at least dog biscuits, and as it happened i was the only one in the room who had never sampled a milkbone.

    i still haven't.

  5. I've got lots of Milkbones from Costco. I'd be happy to donate some to the local foodies for some cookie experiments. Maybe some Milkbone encrusted pork loin for Christmas?

  6. Yum. I wouldn't recommend substituting vegetarian dog biscuits, because they aren't nearly as flavorful as Milkbones. Mr. Barky's tasted like cardboard to me, but Merlin loved them. I bet Old Mother Hubbard's biscuits would be good wrapped in bacon and served with caramelized onions.

  7. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Lenore, I had a good laugh at your mistake. Nothing like a little "crude protein" to tease the tastebuds.

    Our old doggie convinced me that the generic for Milkbones was inadequate. My current doggies (not picky) usually get the generic ones, but at least I know what's good - not that I taste-tested! And they're getting Milkbones(TM) in their stockings tomorrow - bacon & cheese flavor! Can't wait for The Pork Barrel to incorporate THOSE in a recipe.

    --Lisa S.