Saturday, December 22, 2007

Behind the Necklace

Thursday night, I made this necklace and I'm very happy with how it turned out. It looks even better while it's being worn by its new owner.

This made me realize that I need to get some fabric to use for the background of such photos. In this case I used a skirt that I didn't iron or put much effort into flattening. Fortunately, it will be very easy to find something suitable at my parents', since there is an excess of fabric there. I really like the neutral titanium background provided by a Macbook pro, but there's this annoying abstract fruit logo that detracts from it.

Back when I was selling my jewelry and when I created the images on my website, I had to either take photographs and scan them in or put the jewelry in the scanner itself. Everything is so much easier now that I can use my digital camera.


  1. I suspect there is a surprising deep store of surplus fabric lurking amongst your CIT colleagues. I know of at least two of us (myself included) who are members of a 12-step program to keep us out of fabric stores. (It only works if you park farther than 12 steps away, though). We could probably help you out :)

  2. Thanks for the offer, Samantha, but there are literally tons of fabric at my parents'. :) Given all the fabric addicts I know, I'm surprised there aren't fabric stores every few feet or so.