Saturday, June 11, 2005

Gallivanting at Gallery Row

Gallery Row is a street in Nags Head between Highways 158 and 12, containing mostly art and craft galleries. Our first stop was at Jewlery By Gail. In the front room, there were several counters of jewelry by the owner and jewelsmith, Gail Kowalski. The woman working there showed me and handed me several beautiful pieces, including one $49,000 diamond ring, which had recently won an award. It's like holding a fancy new BMW in your hand. That ring had a brownish diamond. Of the colored diamonds she had, I like the lavendar diamonds the best.
In the room off to the side, there was jewelry made by other artists. I looked at many neat things that I definitely couldn't afford. I did manage to find a $30 pair of amber studs that are cool. They were a real bargain, compared to the diamonds! There was a pair of green garnet studs that I coveted, but fortunately, I couldn't afford those either.

We went to the Lighthouse Gallery, which contained a lot of touristy type things, including lots of lighthouses and such. I did find a nifty glass frog that I couldn't resist. We briefly went in the Sally Huss Gallery, which sold many brightly colored whimsical creatures.

Finally, we went to Glenn Eure's Ghost Fleet Gallery of Fine Art. Eure is an extremely gregarious gallery owner and artist. His painting and drawings have a wide variey of styles and subject matter, from coastal themes, to clowns and abstracts. I decided that I needed to buy one of his abstracts, which apparently resulted from a combination of serendipitous ink flowing and doodling. I thought it was very cool. There were actually several of his paintings that I would have loved to take home with me. In addition to Eure, we talked to a music professor from Western Carolina, Dr. Frasier, who was putting up a exhibition featuring his paintings.

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