Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dining on Dumplings and Deck Furniture

Yesterday, my dad, DE and DT made great progress on the generator project. They pulled the heavy wires through from the meter to the new transfer switch.

Last night, I met JJ and JA at Starlu, in Durham. They had been there before and thought it was "ok", but they wanted to give it another chance. I have to agree with their first assessment. I ordered roasted chicken, which was an unusual choice for me. It was quite salty and that was the main flavor, with no obvious herbs added. It came with a warm eggplant salad and some itty bitty potato dumplings. I liked the dumplings a lot. Dessert was good. We shared a lemon buttermilk cheesecake with peach and blueberry compote. I'd say the meal was good, but every meal I've ever had at ACME was so much better. The entree prices were reasonable, all in the mid teens, but the desserts were expensive. Most of them were $7. Of course, the company was excellent.

This morning, the squirrels started eating my cumaru deck furniture! I was not happy about this at all. My mom came over and sprayed Liquid Fence on the furniture, so hopefully that will curb their appetite a bit. It stopped their eating the buds on the anise bushes, so maybe it will work.

Tonight my parents and I ate at Eastern Lights. We had yet another wonderful meal there, with roast pork with green onions, shrimp and lobster sauce and Mandarin chicken. We, of course, got potstickers for an appetizer. It's definitely the place to go if you want a guarantee that you're served an excellent meal.

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