Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dunes and Kites

I had thought that Thursday would be the start of the annual Rogallo Kite Festival, so we headed to Jockey's Ridge State Park. I didn't see too many kites there, but the park was quite cool. They have a long wooden path to an overlook of the dunes. It was extremely bright and hot out there, so we thought that we would burn to a crisp if we stayed out there too long. They also have a little museum exhibit explaining some of the geologic features of dunes and the history of the park.

I asked one of the people working at the gift shop/kiosk where to get lunch and he recommended a sushi place down the road, Taiko Japanese Restaurant. I just had eel and salmon nigiri, but it was pretty good.

Afterwards, we went across the street from Jockey's Ridge to the complex that includes Kitty Hawk Kites, which is a huge building with lots of ramps. First we went to the Wooden Feather,which had a wide array of wildlife crafts and other interesting odds and ends. I ended up getting two pairs of earrings made out of anodized aluminum (or something similar).

Next, we went to Kitty Hawk Kites, which is huge in itself. We went into several stores that are actually connected to Kitty Hawk Kites, looking for the actual kite store. The other shops sell sporting goods, clothing and other knick knacks. The kite store, in addition to kites, also has tons of toys, t-shirts and jewelry. I had to get two pairs of earrings, one abalone and one sterling silver. I didn't buy any kites, but I'm considering putting up one in my room somewhere.

It turns out that the kite festival wouldn't start until Friday, even though I'd seen things written up that said Thurday.

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