Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Food and Ham

The memorable aspects of this past weekend were, of course, food related. My parents and I went to Taverna Nikos on Friday night. I had a somewhat unusual meal in that I ordered a crab cake appetizer, which included a small salad. For my entree I had the taramosalata or fish roe appetizer, which comes with pita wedges and an identical small salad. I've been wanting to order that again for quite a while, so I was thrilled to combine it with a delicious crab cake.

Saturday, GM, JH and AE came over and I fixed pasta with shrimp, bacon, garlic and basil. It was good, but the pasta was a little clumpy and needed a little more pasta water. We then watched an episode from the first Black Adder season while all doing a little contact juggling and then went to the nearest Maple View Farms location, for ice cream. It was definitely a fun afternoon.

Sunday, the main event was going to Vinny's Italian restaurant, which just opened about a half mile away from my house. It's a small chain restaurant, with most of the locations in North Carolina and southern Virginia. I ate eggplant parmesan, which was excellent.

Tonight, my dad and I went to the Durham FM Association meeting. The program was supposed to a talk, by Rachel Brady, on visualization, but the connection between her laptop and the projector wasn't working. After a tremendous effort, it was decided that she would try again at next month's meeting, with a different projector. I still had a good time, talking to several of the hams, before and after formal meeting.

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