Saturday, January 08, 2005

Lefty Directory and Christmas

I've been added to the Lefty Directory! I'm all excited about that. Of course, I need to get back to posting regularly and I should probably express some more anti-conservative sentiment, too.

It's been quite a while since I've posted, because I was doing too many blogworthy things to write about during my vacation and then I've been busy recovering from work reentry ever since.

My parents and I celebrated our first traditional Ramm Christmas on Christmas Eve at my house. We spent the day setting up the tree and untangling ornaments. I made a shrimp, bacon and pesto pizza and we ate that for dinner. Then we watched the tree in all of its glory while listening to the Bach Christmas Oratorio. We exchanged gifts somewhere in there, too. My mom's new Canon s500 hadn't come yet, but my dad got his ironwood Lawrence Favorite vase/sculpture and I got various vases that I picked out from the Carolina Designer Craftsmen show, Thanksgiving weekend. My dad also got a huge bolt cutter, for cutting my additional Closetmaid shelving. My parents actually surprised me with a carbon monoxide defector and a can strainer.

Christmas Day is always kind of anticlimactic in our family, but my mom did prepare a wonderful turkey dinner at their house. I got to visit with FIFO and see their tabletop tree. They cut the top of the tree I rejected and put it on top of the breakfast room table. It was decorated with white satin balls that we decorated a few years ago, white lights, tin tinsel and sterling silver snowflakes from the Metropolitan Museum of Art that my parents have collected for years.

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