Sunday, January 16, 2005

Fun-Filled Weekend

Friday night, I met GA and AE at Southpoint. After picking up movie tickets, we ate at the Q-shack, which is a small Durham chain. I believe I've complained about the fact that they no longer make fried pies. My parents and I have been getting take-out from the original location for quite a while. I had a baked potato with "all the fixins", which wasn't quite as good because the cheese wasn't melted. My mom pointed out that this was probably because it didn't ride in the car before I ate it. It was good, though. Fortunately, it was about half the size of the ones I'd eaten before, so it was actually a reasonable portion.

Before going to the movie, we stopped in the fudge shop and AE bought us chocolate covered orange slices, cherries and apricots to eat during the film. That turned out to be a superb idea.
We saw "Finding Neverland", which starred Johnny Depp and various other people. I thought it was an extremely good film, although it ends up being fairly sad. Afterwards, we wandered over to Barnes and Noble. We looked around and talked for quite a while.

Saturday, KS drove down from Richmond and visited me for the afternoon. She had seen the house before I moved in, so it was cool being able to show it off with all my furniture and things in it. We talked for several hours and then met CE and R at ACME Food & Beverage Company for dinner, which was fun. I ate lobster and corn ravioli, which was just as good as it sounds.

This morning, I met JJ and JA at Vin Rouge, for brunch. We finally celebrated Christmas and exchanged gifts. They gave me some beautiful glasses with brightly colored bases, coffee and a kitchen microplane, to use as a zester or for grating parmesan. I gave them two LED flashlights, similar to the one I bought for myself a few months ago. As always, I definitely had fun.

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