Sunday, January 16, 2005

I blame it on the Christmas letters.

OK, I am now really behind in my blogging. I'm going to blame it all on my big Christmas letter sending project, which is also behind. It never hurts to have an inanimate scapegoat. I'm going to quickly and briefly write about all the things that I did that I happened to jot down something about in draft form and move on. I've had a great weekend and I'd rather write about that while it's fresh in my mind than something that I did two or more weeks ago. So, this is the cliff notes version of my life in the past two weeks, particularly if you've lost most of the pages toward the end.

At some point, my dad and I went to the Nantucket Cafe and had lunch. I tried their eggsalad for the first time and it was good. I also discovered that I really like their lobster bisque, even though I had it before and it was too rich for me.

Over the course of the past several weeks, my dad and I have visited Lowe's approximately 58 times, for various reasons. My dad added loads of Closetmaid shelves, we needed to go back to get things I'd gotten charged for but were left behind and we needed a conduit for the connection between the transfer switch and my future whole house generator.

On New Year's Eve, we ate at Taverna Nikos for lunch and I was planning to have the grilled kasseri cheese sandwich, but I ate something else instead. No, wait, I did have that. I made banana bread that evening, which turned out absolutely beautifully. It was done in the middle! At midnight we all checked into the Possum Trot net on my ham radio and we "admired" the tree again.

On New Year's Day, I met JJ for coffee at Blue. Actually we met at Ooh-La-Latte first and they were closed. It was a beautiful day.

The following day, I met JJ, JA and EB for brunch at Vin Rouge. MP met us there later. It was delicious and loads of fun.

At one point I went to Fowler's with JJ, CL and PS. I had a bowl of Manhattan clam chowder and a wonderful slice of salmon in puffed pastry.

I went to another Orange County Radio Amateurs breakfast last Saturday, which was fun.

Tuesday night, I went to the Durham FM Association monthly meeting. There was a fantastic turnout, because Frank Terhaar-Yonkers, W4FTY, gave a talk about high power amateur rocketry. It was obvious that he was incredibly enthusiastic about his hobby. JH came to the meeting, which was very cool.

Other than that, everything before this weekend is kind of muddled together in my memories. There was lots of beautiful weather, most of which I missed in my office, but appreciated when going to and from my van. I've spent a lot of time working late and mailing out "Christmas" letters. I still have several that need mailing, which means that I'm planning to write something in them. At least, that's the plan.

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